About Us

Brainbuster Tees is a part of the PNW pro wrestling scene. We’ve got wrestlers, we’ve got wrestling promotions, and since we’re proud PNW natives, we need our own merch. Our owners have been involved in and out of the ring, in front of and behind the cameras, and this is the next step to supporting our scene and wrestling as a whole. We are committed to equality and fairness, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation.

Our current model is a drop-shipping print on demand model. We have chosen this method due to the low upfront costs and want to provide to our community as soon as possible. Over time we may consider alternative modes of business but we are focused on providing the best possible product and experience no matter our methods.

We aim to provide merchandise to wrestlers and other wrestling talent to keep their livelihoods engaged in and around the ring. We operate on a model that shares profits with our personalities. We’re the online merch table so that when your wrestler sells out of tees at a show they can point you here and we can fuel your fandom and continue supporting our talent.